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hi, Am I sexy, for you babe?
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I'm 19 year old and loney. I pretty much kind and sweet, and easygoing, but short tempered when thing south. I'm carefree person, love video games, art, and writting. I lived in a small town of murfreesboro. Where it so boring there. I need a girl to chat to, or at least having a one night stand. I not really looking for any serious relationship due to the fact that I currenty unempolyed. If you really are, I tired to reason with you while I hunting for a job. If you asked for webcam site of any kind. I will not answered your message. Trust  me, I been to several model girls and spambots try to tricked me into paid webcamsite. So trust is the issue until I really know you. I'm shy and not much of a talker so feel free to contract me ok? When it come to sex, I want it soft and slow. I'm a virgn so please teach me if you wish. I love doing the cowgirl.


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