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I know it`s out of fashion, but I`m a kind, open-minded, honourable girl. I`m interested in people, the world, society, the future -- in fact, in just about everything except TV and celebs :) It comes with the job -- I write books. On the good days, when the words are flowing through you like lightning, there`s no feeling like it on Earth. On the bad days, it`s like banging your head into a wall.
I love exploring new places, swimming, quirky things, books, walking, games, and bright people. I`ve travelled a lot, so I have friends all over the place. I`m honest, passionate, involved, creative and spiritual, but not religous. I still believe in happy endings, and crave wonder. I`m half-English and half-french, and I`m based in Togo at the moment, but probably not for long.
"That which does not kill us makes us stranger."


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