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New here, looking for a friend
United States
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Have a great career and love what I do. I'm a surprisingly good shower singer and armchair quarterback. Easy going person who loves learning about all people and cultures, even if they themselves may not feel they are that interesting :) I think there is something we can learn from everyone we meet, regardless of their background or circumstance. I'm well traveled, but not interested in bragging about where I've been or what I've done by inundating the world with selfies. Most of my travel is hotel rooms, meetings, airports and a short visit for a "been there done that". I'm more interested in anticipating the next adventure, even if that is just exploring the new restaurant down the street, or reading a new book. I think adventure and excitement is all around us and often overlooked, and I've found hidden gems in friends who think they are "average"- so I've learned that good books come in all sorts of covers. I enjoy it most when the book is not all about me. :) Although my degrees might say I am smart for any "Sapiophiles" out there, I don't enjoy feeling like every casual conversation has to be structured and have deep meaning. I am very approachable, and get along with people from all walks of life- so don't self select based on a profile alone. Take a chance, you might be surprised... If you are also approachable, easy going and enjoy meeting interesting new people then please drop me a note!

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