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I'm a peacock flying into a rainbow!
United Kingdom
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Im an average guy. I like playing my Xbox too much, watching ridiculous action movies, moan about other road users, drink lots of beer and generally approach life horizontally. Money means nothing to me and im quite happy coasting along in life enjoying myself. My hobbies are geeky, if you really want to know about them i suppose i could tell you if you asked. Otherwise lets just leave that out for the moment. I am a keen photographer though, thats not that geeky. Quite artistic. I dont really have goals and aspirations. Im more a take it as it comes kind of person. Dont like plans. Things always have a way of working themselves out. Im very honest and to the point. Iv found this to be the best approach in life and it really does save a lot of time. Aside from all that I like having fun and trying new things. I dont take life too seriously. Send me a message :) I know its not the done thing for women to message first, but hey lets do something crazy!

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