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*** The older you are, the more fitter you have to be - flaccid old men aren't my bag. I'm a sucker for muscle and a sucker for cocks.Shower me with kisses and hugs or just shower me with spunk. I know that all the guys' profiles are usually blast cam girls,butall of that spam-crap that is very annoying. You won't get a reply if: You don't have any pic whatsoever to go on; You have sent a message to everyone saying "do you have any sex toys, tell me more" You send a massive cut-and-paste cum-dripping bile that you think is going to turn me on (sexuality is fluid and interactive, not based on your sexist views that men can make a girl acheive orgasm just by sticking it in,going "deeeeep" and doing whatever with their tongue); You are old and NOT fit; You pretend to be "new to this"etc, yawn!

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