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i seek a beautiful, truthful relationship ^-^
United States
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I'm a pretty cool guy, as i'd say so myself  i love video games, going on dates, the boardwalk, the mall, the movies, etc. i also love causing trouble & partying. basically imma teddy bear ^-^  i want a beautiful girl on the outside every much as inside; who smiles all the time, laughs alot, & is always happy! a girl who hasn't had sex sooo many times (having that one special moment...with many different guys or all with the same ex bf a whole bunch of times) & hasn't been with a guy for sooo many years. Lastly, my standards are extremely high; the highest of the high *giggles*. When i'm in love i give it my all! i'm the type a' guy who rubs ur feet, massages anywhere u like, who puts u before friends, and unlike most other guys; i mean wat i say & show u affection in public  so others will know how lucky i am ^-^ Wat i hate the most is a cheater, a liar, & most of all, being ignored -_-.....oh and when i have to do all the talking & when she rarely talks lol. Ladies wanna know more, hit me up ^-^


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