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Just keepin' it simple.
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27 year old 100% pure puerto rican, born and raised in NYC. Moved to Florida when i was 9, and then to SC when i turned 13. Joined the Marine Corps when i was 18 and served for 5 years. Been to Iraq twice, Afghanistan, Portugal, Italy, Alaska, Washington, Arizona, and too damn close to getting out to Japan and Australia. Military screwed me over on that one, but most of those 5 years was a good time. Got married durring my last 8 months of active duty. That turned out to be one big ass mistake though, cause a year after i got our, she decided to leave me for some guy that already had 2 kids of his own and another on the way. Fuck me, right? But hey, whaddaya gonna do? Life moves on, so i did too. Now i'm letting the GI Bill put me through college and wrapping up my gen. ed. studies. Lookin' to get into my old job field (fixing air planes), or into the computer world since there's money to be had there. Decided it's time to start enjoying life again. Figured i might as well give this site a go since i'm just trying to keep things simple. I'm really just looking to hae some fun right now, but trying to keep an open mind to something more serious down the road. I know there's some good ladies out there, and am willing to give love a second go around if i can find one. Wanna know anything else, just drop me line.


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