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Physically fit, slim, charming, and cute. I can say that I am a good God-fearing, having great sense of humor. I am sweet, and caring. A reliable and responsible worker and a very thoughtful friend. My life is just normal, and I am only living in a simple way without so much of the materials in this world. I am happy knowing that I am blessed with an ever supportive, and loving family. What I am dreaming now, is to be able to find a stable job, to save for the future as preparation for me to build and have my own family. Searching for a lover, not a player; dreamer not a loser, and a mover someone who is at an idle. I want a man who knows how to discipline himself, be presentable and respectable person in public and even in private. A man who values commitment and promises. I want a man who is family-oriented, and does things in the name and for the sake of his family. Of course, someone who knows how to hangout, enjoy and have fun. Combined with physical, emotional, social aspects in life.

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