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Let me out of here!!!
United Kingdom
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Me - trapped in the senseless marriage, however still full of life and with a lot to offer. I think I passed some certain point when loud places full of people aren't fun for me anymore.
I like quiet time, gentle unhurried buildups leading to fantastic finishes. Sensuality, appreciation and full satisfaction of both sides are always on my mind. Sex is something
special and special should it be. Trying new things? Why not if both parties are up for it. I'm a bit shy to be honest and registering here is a big challenge for me. I just
hope to find someone here who thinks, feels, and maybe even is in similar situation to mine. I don't look for miracles, I just want to feel that feeling of desire, that thirst for
beautiful love acts. Are there any sensual women out there left?
Considering my job and all I'm not posting my face here. Talk to me if you want to see my ... less intimate parts.

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