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I love to laugh and I love to smile and I do my best to inspire those things in others. I don’t think fun is about what you do so much as who you’re with, a good friend can make nearly any mundane experience a fondest memory. It’s the truly “fun” at heart who can find enjoyment when nothing’s going on. So often I`ve found myself doing nothing when I realize I've got a rubber ball-BANG! I hit the roof excited and amused. It's easy to entertain me. I’m pretty laid back and goofy but serious when it’s appropriate. I like the feeling of adventure and traveling. I do my best to never lose the wonder of childhood, while still evolving and experiencing a grown up world as a mature and responsible adult, but no, I will never grow up—not fully. My head is full of imaginations, creative endeavors, and mental adventures. I do my best to be as consistently honest and sincere as I know how to be. I will typically be the first to kick myself for the mistakes that I am bound to make no matter how much of a good person I try to be. I suppose I'll leave it at that so I can avoid writing a complete autobiography in this little box... for everything else just ask.


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