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When will the members of the human race
help to make this world into a better place?
Because lately it seems to be getting worse
as if it is under some kind of damned curse.

Most of what we hear these days is bad news!
It’s almost as if there’s nothing else to choose.
The good we have all known belongs to the past
and so the present or future is viewed as aghast.

The actions all people do give an indication of that
regardless of any good ideological debate or chat.
The transition of ideas and thoughts to actions or deeds
is just like the sowing of a future crop by planting seeds.

If the seeds used are of a poor quality it will matter much
even though more time is spent cultivating them by touch.
That’s why it’s better to do things properly right from the start
as time brooding over what could have been won’t help in part


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