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are there any women still out here that stiil enjoy having mind blowing, toe popping ,freaky,naughty,FWB,NSA,fun bomb ass sexx?
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well im not looking for anything serious ,but im not opposed if it happens,i have been single for almost a year ,and that is way to long to go without having intimacy with the feminine expression ov our kreator,i feel when we have sex or make love ,it is the oppurtunity to merge ,worship and experience heaven on earth through the intimacy we share and as a man to worship through every carress,breathe,,heartbeat,sensation,the femine aspect ov krestion,even demonstrating how much i love and adore the feminine ,physical manifestation ov the causeles cause ov causes ,basically worshiping god/godess through the art ov sexual intimacy. in the same way those ov us whom are able to receive sexual pleasure through knowing we are giving devinne satisfaction to our lover/companion instead take it a step further and know that we can actually honor and show our love and devotion to the kreator,in the act ov love making itself,we can experience this together much better than i am explaining it in words.One Love


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