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Tall, athletic, tattooed, vet looking for fun
United States
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Me: I'm 29 and spent four years in a west coast infantry battalion. I completed two tours to Iraq in '04 and '06; both were life changing experiences to say the least. At the moment I'm finishing up my engineering degree, I have about two years left. For fun I love to lift weights (olympic lifts mostly, and squats) and row. I also like to stream the following Pandora stations: symphonic, outlaw country, and Rob Dougan. I also love to read on my Paperwhite (mostly thrillers like Clancy writes, and military history). Some of my favorite books: Without Remorse, The Forever War, 25th Hour, City of Thieves, Shantaram, and Cryptonomicon. I also have a problem with binge watching shows on Netflix/HBO go: Breaking Bad, House of Cards, and The Sopranos to name a few. Stats/random tidbits * 6' 3" * Couple of tattoos * 225 lbs * Traveled the world. Fav place = Kona Village * Steak > all else Hope to hear back from you!

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