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I am a widower with one son who means the world to me, I am very fun to be with someone everybody like to be associated with, I was a lovely husband and a good dad till the cold hand of death snatched my wife away, I believe she is sitting in the right hand of the Lord, we were like inseparable twins, and were lovers delight, we led a good example on how to love and how husband and wife to live in love and harmony till the cold hand of death snatched her from me.


I still have that burning fire of love to give to the right person, to me love is not scarce but sincere people are short in circulations, but I am sure there are still some few women and men alike who can still love and still ready to be loved.


I like putting smile to the down trodden and a shoulder you can lean on.


We are all custodian of earthly riches, definition of your wealth is not how much money you have in your bank account, but how much smile you can put in the faces of the oppressed.

I try to contribute my little quota, because what you do today your children might benefit from it being it good or bad. Because what goes around comes around, sow a good seed today treat other the way you want to be treated and have rest of mind even in your grave, because we are all pencil in the hand of our creator.


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