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Seeking A Woman For Longterm Relationship Soon Am A Virgin
United States
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I am almost 39 yrs old have not found any woman to be in love with also none have wanted to be with me in my life..i am a man and the good book say a man can have a woman .i want clean woman i am very clean and pure.i use supplements,colon cleansers twice year,also dont use sugar also cant have salt sprinkle on foods... i can have process sodium foods,i like veggies,fruits,meats,i dont drink soda pops nore eat candy,,but do like chocolate its good i only eat it once or twice a month.i have income,seek someone that real have webcam and whom want meet me soon,talk on phone....i want be together with woman that creation and god give me i need woman soon am seeking true love and joy...i dont mine if you like us have many friends they clean,i have no friends.i have no real life,i live with my family still..i like videogames,comicbooks,art,sports,wrestling shows,nba,nfl,tiger woods playing golf,tennis like the williams sisters and sharpova also love tna impact,photos,new age science-new age christianity,wisdom,nostradamus-fourwinds journals...i like poker,casino,lotto,and surely seek a great woman soon am tired of having no one to hold-love...anyone out there want a relationship soon and want care-love me so much ?

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