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VERY NEW TO THIS online shopping/selling. I LIKE and perfer the old way, HANDS ON, in person greetings/meetings....I.E. running into each other in the store, or me simply saying hello to you on the street or at the Mall because you have caught my eye and attention. But since I am here, I'll give it my best effort and make the best of it. I AM LOOKING FOR SEX. A friend that is willing to have sex when we want it. Great SEX. I am NOT looking specifically for a relationship, but shall this lead into one:??? I am not going to refuse. I tend to go with the flow. ALL THINGS HAPPEN FOR A REASON. I am looking to meet a Lady who is positive and has a great outlook on life. A lady who likes to laugh, live and enjoy what life brings us. If you are Single, Divorced, attached or married ... feel bored, neglected, ignored, ....or simply looking for that missing element or fulfillment....or if you are looking to spice up your sexual life, I am ok with all of that. What-ever your reasons may be for being here and looking....are simply that. "YOUR REASONS". I am NOT here to JUDGE you, but to support you and help you in what-ever way my role may be in helping you achieve what you came here to do. I am very affectionate, caring, passionate, respectful, polite, yet very social, outgoing, fun, funny and sexual. I am not shy, I am a gentleman, nice guy. I do have a very strong and creative sexual appetite. I love all music, but freestyle (Latin Freestyle, if you know it.....you know what I'm talking about) and Euro Dance/Trance are my favorite. I love to cook, clean, and doing laundry. I like to dress fashionably (I'm European), I do not mind carrying your purse, shop and walk the mall with you or any place for that matter. I love to carry on a conversation. I am a great listener, and I love intellectual talks. Fun and funny will happen.......I can separate serious and being a clown. ***** I LOVE PETS, especially Small and smart Dogs, Cats, and Birds. .............. Snakes, flies and mosquitos....not so much. (Sorry) I am and also look for the Simple, easy going, RESPECTFUL, polite and in a way "old school romantic" type. Mutually beneficial relationship for both........No Drama, no games, no expectations......let what-ever will happen ........... HAPPEN!!! I am ALLERGIC to DRAMA QUEENS, GHETTO (RATCHETT) QUEENS, KARDASHIAN QUEENS, or OCTOMOM and HONEY BOO BOO type queens......Please stay away ...........Thank you. PICTURES.......over-rated, unsafe to post. SELFIES.......lame, not interesting.... and please do they all have to have squeezed lips or a pic of your BACK side, .....sssssoooooo High School and GHETTTTO. I'll be happy to share pics with the right person when the time comes. PRIVATELY!!! I am more into personality and chemistry than looks. I am a good looking, clean-cut, white, tall, blue eyed European man....... and I understand that LOOKS are "SOMEWHAT" important...... however, I want to be able to CLICK with someone first for the personality attraction.... not just the SHALLOW looks. People these days fall for people that are HOT, and it lasts a whole year....(if that long, until a hotter person comes along). However, when a relationship is built on COMMUNICATION, likes of personalities, connections of feelings and heart......then there is something to hold on to and build off of. Thank you for your understanding.

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