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1- I loooovvvee the female form...I could nibble, bite, smack, pinch, suck or chew... all day long for starters. A kiss on a soft wrist, a bite of ankle, suck on a breast, eat a beautiful pussy all day...let alone just cuddle and make out twined together. 2- spend all day in bed when possible.. 3- 69 is one of my favourite numbers but there are so many more... 4- sex in the bedroom is great..sex in every room is great too...and not just my own space either...sex outdoors (especially whilst camping / hiking)...workplaces...even public spaces is a rush.. but not an absolute necessity. 5- I like sex multiple times a day 6- I am a very progressive person with no problem concerning my security in my sexuality...consequently I LOVE my toys..vibrators etc..including dildos.. double ended as well.. 7- which naturally leads to my last point..I love getting fucked as much as fucking.... I am a red head after all...so I can be vocal ...may need to hold me down... I can buck ....so pegging me will be fun.. 8- oh and I'm not naturally a hairy guy (other than my face and head) Decently endowed I guess...8" if I'm happy to see you... hm..what else..circumcised.... um... I had a vasectomy... so I'm not going to be getting anyone in trouble (:D)..... fun with no worries! yay! .which I could get reversed So there it all is in a very big nutshell..

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