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u think you can handle me? lets give it a try then,
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Hi! Im Camille and my friends call me Cam. I was raised in happy family with two younger brother named Zack and the youngest Paul. I often got compliments from my friends since middleschooland they are trying to convince me to try modeling when I grew up, which I am now considering and I hope its not too late for that; I took up Nursing in college though. I used to help my mom with house chores, so yeah, I knew how to take care of a family somehow. I refer myself to someone who's a leader but not someone who is bossy as most don't like that. But I am vey submissive to all my boyfriends since then, honest.I like adventures; going to new places I never been to and trying new thing I never did before, and I have little interest over sports as well especially martial arts. Right now I am looking for someone whom I can spend an awesome life with. So if you like, we can give it a shot!

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