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they said i'd never make the headlines
United States
new york
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If i get to describe myself ,what do you think I'm going to write? my idea of a rooftop bar is hiking up a mountain before dawn......then popping a bottle as the sun rises I'm 30 yrs old , born and raised in NYC I like dogs better than people I was obese growing up........ Now I'm an athlete ( , muay thai,boxing basically the blood sports ( have not trained in several mo. due to torn LCL ......someone swept my leg and I'm going stir crazy).....I can be a bit intense about it .......... But only because I've been on the other side of the coin ( if you've been there you feel me) I'm a firm believer in "the pleasure of finding things out" Richard feynman my favorite color is prussian blue....( yes I know its CN) I've. Been told by more than one person that I'm a cross between sheldon from the big bang theory and bane from the dark knight rises........I haven't seen either of these movies so not sure if. Its accurate?? I think a man should be able to put up drywall,install a sink, lay tiles ect..( regardless of what you DO for a living) until i get to know you ..I can be a bit pedantic......then i open up...especially after a few drinks (love telling people .." you'll never understand the world if you cant push electrons") ( I hate to write so Ill keep this short) love the outdoors hiking, camping, fishing being active ,) I'm an amateur wildlife photographer yes I have a periodic table of elements on my wall.......no I'm not a virgin I don't suffer fools well.. i like happy people people always say "you know too much" i tell them they know too little I don't like to swear around women i'm an eternal optimist I think smart ( like really smart) women are sexy (a true sapiosexual) I am smart, sexy, and energetic ( in my humble opinion_ What I’m doing with my lifep Currently instructing nurses in organic chemistry /molecular biology( they work hard) i'm also getting ready for another triathlon (on hold see LCL) I walk everywhere ( don't really like being indoors ) Love the automatic spellcheck on my new blackberry....... I finally look smart I’m really good atp lets see i'm being asked to describe what i'm good at via a medium i'm decidedly inept at using ........ill have a go anyway .... eating, hitting people ( seriously my father was a competitive fighter and i hit the genetic jackpot) although I try to stay out of streetfights now lab research. trained as a molecular biologist...but I can do all my own synthesis...and never had to call the annoying pricks from chemistry when i was 5 or 6 A friends grandmother told me i'd either become president of the united states....or a gangster....i asked why not both ..i'm also an excellent chef... eating really hot food going to happy hour (i'm probabally there right now) The first things people usually notice about mep you tell me Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and foodp books:i dont read alot of fiction the 800million dollar pill,the log from the sea of cortez,The making of the atomic bomb,beyond good and evil.... ..music ...hmmm(honestly my taste in music is for some funny reason private) TV: 24,house,the soup food: anything i havent tried as for what I have tried... indian,thai,middle eastern, korean bbq,tibetan,anything i cook myself. i'm a real foodie especially fond of spices The six things I could never do withoutp O2 H2O EtOH coffee being outside (i'm actually hanging out my window as i type this) cheese (parm.reg) not neccesarily in that order I spend a lot of time thinking aboutp how the universe was formed,if the universe was "formed", richard feynman's famous quote "if you think you understand quantum mechanics.......you dont understand quantum mechanics", why i can never land that armbar what im going to cook for dinner ,, where i want to travel why I never check leg kicks......(oh yea I'm lazy) who will be on the cover of victorias secret, arabic verbs, On a typical Friday night I amp if its not on tape. . . it never happened, if it is on tape. . . it wasn't me, if it was me. . . he had it coming The most private thing I’m willing to admitp ill put hot sauce (really hot sauce) in your food without you knowing I once made tnt in a lab ( bonus points to anyone who can guess what I was actually trying to make) ok I don't remember anymore ...........but if you can refresh my memory......lol i'm addicted to tahini ( like intervention worthy) I have pictures of bad sds-page results on my cellphone You should message me ifp you're "fit" in every sense of the word (physically fit,intellectually fit,emotionally fit) you're not "19/f/model....wanna party"

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