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Just bought a truck. I work recycling metal everyday. Just started doing this full time and I love doing it. I work for myself, work whenever I want, and the money is actually pretty good. Lately I've been focused on that. But in my free time I watch football, gta love my Ravens. And other then that I just love drinking my beer and havin a good time no matter where I'm at or what I'm doing.

My mother lives in Ocean City where I lived for a couple of years which was pretty fun after I turned 21. I like going out and hittin the town. There, I've been cultured in a number of beers and breweries such as Dogfish, Flying Dog, Magic Hat, Twin Lakes, and many many I probably don't remember lol. Also love my Jim Beam, regular and Red Stag (Probably my fav.), Johnny Walker, Castillo, José Cuervo, Svetka, (yes I love of colors and kinds of alcohol lol). My regulars include Budweiser, Heineken, Four Loko (when I need a kick), Svetka, and Red Stag.

Now in my life I'm kinna looking for someone to hang out with, maybe a date. Nothing too serious though. If it leads to that then it leads to that. Life will take me where it takes me but, I'm not going to go out looking for it anymore. I feel like if I find the right person we'll both know, but until then I'm just lookin to meet new people and have fun.


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