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Taken off of my Pof account: Well let's see. For starters my name is Peter Neal. I am a pretty diverse person. I've lived in alot of different places including California, Massachusetts, Washington, and New Jersey and now settling down in Mass unless life takes me else where. I was in the Navy for 4 years working on aircrafts and now perusing a health career and own my own condo in Worcester. What I am looking for in my match is a woman who is trying to seek the best in herself and trying to make her self better each and everyday. Also I'm looking to do fun and exciting things that we can do with eachother like learning to draw, play a new instrument, neat things like that. So if your like that then we shall get along just fine :). I know I left so much detail out, but hey, that's what getting to know each other is all about! Write me to learn more fascinating things about the life of me Peter :D


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