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Struck by lightening
United States
When I was younger I was the consummate wallflower. Now I find myself on the journey of my life, looking for pleasure and helping others find theirs. Life is simply too short to not enjoy the ride. I have a wide variety of interests in life as well as in the bedroom. Pleasing my partner gives me fulfillment. I love oral, phone, straight sex, toys, movies- watching and making - Giving oral is my mastery. As important as sex is in my life I look on it as the icing on the cake as it were. Having a rewarding job and goals for the future is at the heart of who I am. My Ideal Person: My ideal person is one with whom I have an intellectual as well as physical bond. No matter how good the sex is with one person it only gets better when you have similar views on life and happiness. Kind, caring and those who have a zest for living are the ones that catch my attention. I look at this place as the ultimate cocktail party. People coming and going on here, some good experiences and some not so good. Then there are some where lightening strikes and a deeper connection is made. Call me crazy but I'm looking for my lightening bolt.

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