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I am looking for someone to sexually date, some people use the term Friends with Benefits, but seems to have lost the "Friends" part of the equation. Instead, the "F" is assumed to be for "F**k". People frequently refer to FWB as NSA arrangement, while the two are very different. NSA is what it stands for - No Strings Attached. In other words, NSA is a booty call. FWB is when you become friends first and the benefits may follow. It isn't like you become GF/BF because there are no commitments or exclusivity. One may have multiple FWBs unless there's explicit agreement to be exclusive. In my mind, Friends With Benefits is practically the same as Sexual Dating. Both require a connection, both mean spending time together outside of sexual adventures; neither are exclusive unless agreed to be. I believe, it's common for men and some women to underestimate a need for connection. Most of us like the flirting perhaps to be chased, to be wooed, to feel desired and not only sexually. And, this is where Sexual Dating comes in. It is regular dating where people do stuff together prior to falling into bed, on the floor, on kitchen counter, etc... and there's no need to be careful not to talk about sex, no need to hide that it is sex both people want in the end. And, there are no commitments or expectations of exclusivity unless subjects discussed and both people explicitly agreed. Another reason to prefer Sexual Dating over other arrangements is that there are much more loyal and much more generous as friends than as booty calls. Explaination: a booty call is all about me, about my pleasure, my satisfaction. I am selfish as NSA partner because I enter this arrangement for one person and one person only - moi. I won't put my NSA partner's pleasure before my own. Why? Because we are not connected other than while having sex, because I don't feel any loyalty to them, because he or she doesn't mean anything to me, and vice versa. With FWB or Sexual Dating partner it is all different. As a friend, I'm not selfish, not pinchy and not indifferent, but loyal, sweet and generous. That means that I treat my FWBs and Sexual Dating partners with respect and kindness, just as they treat me. So, what is the purpose for all this mumbling? I'm working towards it..... I would love nothing more than to find a friend that I can go to movies, food, get a room and enjoy each others company. I am very giving, love to give massages, and love to be horizontally active with the right woman. I am looking for a woman that loves to receive oral simulation as much as I love to dish it out. Someone that has a desire to be thoughtful but let go when the moment is right. Someone who also love affection and massage, kissing and spooning. So yeah that's it, if that sounds good to you say hello and lets start there.

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