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1.Consistency (A guy who says he'll do something and follows through mostly every time) I mean if he had a good excuse and admits that he is sorry that he forgot, then we'll for give him, maybe. 2. Honest and Respectful (I think every girl wants a guy that knows how to open up about how he feels about you when he feels it even if he is the most manly man and a guy who not only respects her but his family and friends as well) 3. Grounded or Have Good Head on Your Shoulders (Even if your with a girl who doesn't have a not so good head or her shoulders, that perfect guy would, which will help her out and also a girl that already has a good head on her shoulders definitley wants a guy that has a good head on his) 4. Intelligent ( A guy who not necessarily knows everything but he makes the effort to hold a conversation about any and every topic even if he doesn't know he'll make the effort to try to figure it out or talk about it) 5. Clean and Put together (I know alot of guys don't bath everyday but if you want to be that perfect guy than you have to, it's a must, you don't want your girl smelling that. And it's not about the type of brand clothes that you wear its just that you keep your clothes clean and not dirty looking and Wear A Belt if needed, no girl thinks there perfect guy will be walking around with his pants on the ground, com'on) 6. Confidence is also a must, you don't have to be the most confident acting guy in the room if you already know deep down that you are, just being comfortable in your own skin and carrying yourself well shows it.

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