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21 Year Old University Male
United Kingdom
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I'm a 21 year old university student, and I never really go on sites like Craigslist, nor am I one to visit sites like this, however recently I have been curious about whether people on there are genuine. I have only had 1 partner before, and that was for about 3 months 2 years ago. My only sexual relations were with that person on 2 or 3 encounters. Other than that, I have little other experience. I am from a conservative family as I am Asian, however I am open to new things, apart from anal related sex. I am intrigued to see what you make of this response, though I'll tell you a bit about myself. I'm 5'10 and enjoy martial arts, exploring new people and researching random things online. I also have an issue with maintaining stamina during sexual encounters though I hope to relieve some of that pressure if we ever meet. I very much enjoy giving and receiving oral (I have only done this with 1 person) and I am a very caring person, though I can cut straight to the chase if that's what you're after. I would not be able to accommodate so I hope you can make arrangements for that, I would appreciate a response and will give more details if you also send me your own details.

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