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Hello!!! My name is Shea, I’m a proud Transgender. I’m a very open an honest person .I love to dress up a lot, I’m a BBW (Big Beautiful Woman) polygamous, bi-sexual sub. I am still transitioning and living as a male but can dress for a date (limited wardrobe right now) and not on hormones as of yet. I am looking for friends (FWB hopeful) for going out and life in general. I am 41, I am 6'1" 250# (was 450# 3 years ago) and living like I was 20 again (in mind anyway) 420 friendly and interested in Men, Women or Couples. I am an outdoors person in many aspects, such as camping, hiking, fishing, hunting and exploring. I also love learning and exploring new things, cooking and learning new dishes/cuisines, good conversation with family and great friends, travel/road trips, history, going out, staying in, and pretty much anything else that is going on fun. I am honest, and extremely loyal. Not A fighter, except when it comes to people I love and things I believe in. I love kids (don't have any) and animals, as well as staying home snuggling in to a good book or TV show/movie. Love playing video games, Star Wars fan, Missed Dragon Con this year but will try for next Labor Day. I am located in Dawsonville GA, I am currently in school to learn to program and design games. I am going for my BA for now so I can enter the field and start making a living, as I will then return to complete my Master's as life progresses from then. . I ended a 22 year relationship 2 years ago that had me very depressed and careless of myself and my health. I had a breakdown and had to be hospitalized for several weeks. I was able to think long and hard about my life and I decided that I wanted back in it so I have been using the last 3 years to gain control of my health and mental status. Now I am ready to catch my dream instead of chasing it. I know that this may sound a little too personal but I have nothing to hide and I am strong enough to admit my past as I am heading into my future headstrong and uninhibited. You need to know as I will need your support and I am giving my all to you. I have also recently lost my baby sister in July 2012 and now devote my self to my niece and nephew. Enough of that, as we get to know one another I hope we can form a friendship to last through our lives. Sincerely, Shea Stanley "We can conquer anything if only we open our minds and seek the truth!!"

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