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United Kingdom
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I am currently seeking open minded women who seek fun, friendship, fantasy fulfilment and especially those who wish to push back the boundaries and mutually explore the world of fetish and BDSM.

I am a very open minded person with a lot of ’interests/fetishes’ and so enjoy the versatility of being able to play within virtually any situation. I always enjoy hearing from people and helping them to explore their fantasies, or just meeting up for a good chat, laugh and flirt.

As most people appear to only want to meet once then I am happy to have that dynamic, however I would also like to meet a small number of ladies for regular fun and friendship and maybe even one lady for something more….even if she just wants to be collared and owned.

I have been a verified member on this and other sites before and have met with some wonderful people, however I recently rejoined after taking a much needed break and look to carry on meeting more fantastic ladies and making new friends. Even though I am just one of many single guys on here I like to think I’m somewhat different and don’t meet just anyone. There has to be mutual attraction and desire to meet…I’m not interested in just being one of many, or just being invited to meet just because someone else has cancelled. I may be on a swingers site but I do not have that swinger ’sleep with anyone’ mentality.

I know a lot of people do not travel to meet but I’m one of those that do. I will not restrict myself to people who are in a certain distance from myself as it’s very rare that you’re going to find all that you seek right outside your own door. If I connect with someone a 100 miles away then so be it.

So if you enjoy having a fun filled time, having engaging conversations, exploring new things and pushing back the boundaries sexually then get in touch! I will need to see a picture before any in-depth chat or meet as there has to be mutual attraction, so anyone with no pictures on their profile, or have hidden pictures must be prepared to send one.

I look forward to hearing from you!




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