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well reas on may shock you but very honest
United Kingdom
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I will tell you a little about me

im 49 years old single and a professional person working in the travel industry.. I drive so travel and distance is not a  problem for me as I drive all over the UK between Heathrow Gatwick and Manchester airports with my occupation,

I like nice things and as my profile  says prefer  strawberries and champagne  rather than swilling beer, I like the touch of class.

I am looking to find a submissive female that has the same likes as me is very submissive;

I love the build up to playing and wining and dining lots it all such good fun the anticipation;


so many men climb on climb off and wham bam thank you man leaving the girl saying well OK but what about me????

I get my pleasure  in making sure you enjoy it   as well and always try to make you get to they special moment first. The more I please you the better I like  it,

I can not do anything you don’t like nor!!!  you doing something just because you feel you have to ,it has to be a two way thing and both get. Pleasure

so I love  role play and for you to dress up for  me  I adore stockings and suspenders and not hold ups ,I like The shiny sexy lace top ones and nice lingerie which im very happy to help you choose and pay for.

I love to pamper and spoil so do expect perfume and treats chocs and flowers its a turn on for me;

I feel that if we get on and you submit to me its something very special your giving me and would only want you to submit if you feel the respect is there is very important to have that bond,

I don’t want to rush off and get married bur want sub that special and can feel very safe and relax and get the same sexual please as I want, I do have a high sex drive wink xxx

im very  dominant  but not a bully there is a fine difference, I do love spanking huge turn on and to Pre set limits as hard as you can take or as mild , that we could discuss,

im very much into bdsm and bondage and again to your limits .


I will not do anything horrible but I’m cheeky wicked and very broad  minded and love to be excited with the right sub

I have one huge turn on that is I prefer you not to shave at all love it  natural so hope your OK with that but if not then hey ho not the be all and end all,

if there is anything you would like to ask plse feel free to ask and lets talk

due to time waiters ,,, if we talk and feel we may be OK then I do insist we talk on th phone and exchange e mails and pics to see if we are suited,

I don’t want endless back and forth mails on this site t becomes boring if your relay sincere and interests the we talk and  see  if not hey ho.

I give this reassurance I’m  far to polite and proud to become text or e mail pest so if we don’t get on I will immediately delete any contact details you give me if get that fare and would expect the same back

so if you think we may have something lets talk I will give my e mail and phone number to you and we can talk and see Rome was not built in a day I don’t bite so if you fancy discussing this more lets talk and swap pics and see RB



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