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if you give me a kiss i will give you a blow
United States
san diego
Looking For:

I am sweet and caring but i also have a possessive attitude like other girls.
A lovable girl with an instinct that never fails me..
I'm taking BS Nursing in the university in our state.
I am a working student because my parents left me when i was 19 years old.
I am now 23 years old living in my apartment alone...
I like to meet new people to become my inspiration in my studies and in my sex life..haha

they say i am pretty but am not because i am beautiful and sexy as well.
I have the confident to say that because that's true.hahaha
I like adventures, go to beach and experience new things in life.
I also go to the bar with my friends but i set my limitations.
 You can flirt with me but you can't take me home that easy..
You have to prove me that you love me before you get my body and soul..
I love to watch romaletic and erotic movies..and it always turns me on..

For me love is just a word because i didn't meet someone who will give me the sweetest meaning of it.
Maybe you are the the one that i been waiting for you can hit me and send me a message


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