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wanted to share sometime with a nice girll
United Kingdom
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Thanks for sneaking into my profile lol. idk how should i start it here, it seems like im writing an assignment while i was in univ lol..anyway, let me say wat i like to do..cooking: i dont eat always lol, but i love to cook for others and get their appreciation. travelling: not often, becoz im not rich lol but i always love to discover new places. apart from this, i love playing with kids (their smiles are the best thing in the world), love being cheeky and teasing others a bit lol (dont worry i wont try to do it on u until i know u better lol). my goals is to find a beautiful awesome girl and propose her lol, (it looks easy, but so hard to do it)..I am only into girls who are matured person in thoughts and can take life meaningful. if you think you are matured and looking at life in a different way, then you are the person im waiting for. sametime, it doesnt mean that you have to be always serious and being like a big scholar lol...the conversation should be interesting,intelligent, cheeky and should grow by itself with laugh... my unique is a secret, if i say my everything then you wont have anything to ask me while you talk to me lol...so let me have something in my pocket and give it to u when you wanted to know lol...I can say my taste in cooking lol..but not a lot in music..i love listening soft romantic songs, (becoz that makes me sleep sooner hehe) and not only that i forget all my worries when i listen to soft music..thats a lot about me..im sure you need a good nap now after reading this..get to bed and sleep well until tomorrow morning lol ...butttt wait please leave me a message and go lol...i struggled nearly many years to write such a good profile, it would be really rude if you dont leave me a mesg lol..just kidding..have a sweet day and take care of yourself...cheers...READING THIS, please dont think im just a humorous guy and not taking life serious. I show my full care on someone who is nearby me. I respect the person before me as much I can until they dont insult me in anyway (being fair lol)..

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