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About Me: I am 24. I am recently single and looking to meet new people. I am an out going person and I will most likely tell you everything you want to know about me just ask. I may also tell you things I don't like not trying to make people mad but I am honest. Hope everyone likes what they read and add me. Well what is there to say? I've moved, miles from everyone and everything I've known, I never thought I would have the guts to do that. I miss alot of people and alot of things. I've always wanted to be a writer or an artist of some kind. I love animals, I've never lived in a house without some sort of pet or pets. I've been through some hard times, but who hasent and at least I've learned from it. I've become a better person for it all I think. I have no idea what the future holds but I know there will be good parts and I'm looking forward to it all. I honestly really don't find myself to be all that incredibly interesting a person so I supose I should just stop writting now lol. Now I'm a local model here at Los angeles. hope i can reach my goal as a super model lol. besides everyone who would bother to read this probably knows me all to well already, Anyhow I'm looking for hookup, date, relationship or for fun Im up for it and I' willing to travel just to meet someone.. i love traveling and meeting new people

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