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I pride myself in being a real man; a guys, guy; stern, tough, big, strong, sports minded; although I do like to dance ! hehe Truly, I am a gentlemen who is polite, respectful, fun, smart, compassionate and self-confident, with a wicked sense of humor ! Most of all, I'm a well-rounded person who has adjusted to life's challenges with success. I like having fun and staying active. I enjoy the gym, running, hiking, traveling, live music and being outdoors. On my free time my style tends to be laid back, witty, sarcastic ... and did I mention proud. I value family and friendships greatly. You must know Mixed italian/coast rican, so I tend to value rich cultures, diverse viewpoints and "lots of laughter." I am open-minded, easygoing and very down-to-earth with a strong sense of worldliness. I’m financially responsible, have a good job with professional aspirations. I have traveled the globe, from its poorest to it finest and learned a lot about our country and myself in the process. I live for the outdoors, all climates, hunting, fishing, the beach, and good healthy clean living. I love to cook and told I am great at it! I also enjoy trying different foods; most are healthy and some not so healthy! .....I am a strong man with a huge romantic heart. I’m very passionate, affectionate and not afraid to let the whole world know when I am in LOVE. I’m at a point in my life where I have sacrificed a lot for my career. But now am focused on that “special someone” with whom they will want to share their life, with hopes to have a family

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