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inexperianced man looking for a teacher and lover
United States
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im a 27 year old man looking for a woman with the ability to meet me in person and hopefully start something nice.im quiet and somewhat reclusive,but the trade off for his is i try to be a caring person.in an honest opinion age dont really matter,so long as the lady and i can get along with each other.ive recently been desiring a sugar mama to help me out since my living costs are tough for me to get some much needed surgery on my eye and ankles.but i digress,love comes from the most unlikely places.i believe true wealth is measured by how happy a woman can make me.right now im poor both love wise and money wise.money is importaint to help me get things done,but a passionate lover who can make me feel like i can move my poetic side out is what id want.if theres anything else youd like to know please feel free to message me.

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