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i am a fairly easygoing guy of many facets--wannabe writer, former taxidriver, bouncer at topless clubs, forever a biker. i have an xxxrated sense of humor that contradicts my nice catholic upbringing, and i have never met a stranger (i have met some strange people but never a stranger). often what i do not say speaks as loudly as what i do---as i am almost never tactful (but at times quite tacky lol) and i tend to come straight to the point. i love the southland---its my home please do not insult it in front of me. i am a believer in sticking to my guns and fighting for my beliefs. i am a patriot and will not apologize for that fact---very simple here---love america or get out. i believe in the right to keep and bear, that good eventually always wins out and that elvis aint dead (okay joking on that one). i love old dogs, older trucks and younger women. i tend to be a gentleman in public and a straightup freek in private. i work hard, play hard and love hard. i do everything i do to the limits of my abilty and expect the same from others. i dont care what you say as long as you are being truthfull ill deal with it. im not into any one thing but i am into a little of everything--military strategy and history, motorcycles, documentaries are always a fave, all kinds of music good photography, bad jokes and livin lovin and learnin. i am very open about who i am and a friend in trouble has my undivided attention; i have few friends but i have chosen them wisely and am fiercely protective of them--as they are me. as you get to know me you will understand why. i have no secrets and i wont lie to you in order to spare feelings---not because i want to hurt anyone but because things are better handled when they are right out front---if you ask my opinion im as plain and truthful as possible. be ready for anything with me--i am prone to fits of histerical laughter, deep depression and deeper love for my fellow man (or woman). i feel things very deeply and i have no fear in showing that good bad or ugly....
Who I'd like to meet:
unwinged angels that roam the earth, little devils that made me do it, freeks, tweeks, malfunctioning misfits and rejects of mainstream society. party hounds, nerds and Christians. it doesnt matter all are welcome. above all people that are honest and plain spoken without being disrepectful. some of my TURN ONS(GENERAL) thoughtfulness and honesty, humor and grace under pressure, loyalty and kindness, animal lovers. patriots, people as blue collar as i am, and car/truck/motorcycle freeks. TURN ONS(ROMANTIC)--long slow deep wet kisses, women who buy flowers for guys, spending hours caressing and talking before makin love, sometimes bein freeky in public (lol), warm nights with the right woman and midnite motorcycle rides---her arms wrapped around me tight as we ride into the stars


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