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South Africa
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Looking for a long term like minded companion to share regular fantasy and adventure.

First time:

Imagine us set in the right atmosphere, romance, music, sweet scent, dim lights, taking it slow, teasing, playing, building the tension before relaxing you into a full body sensual erotic massage, starting from your head down to the tip of your toes, but not with out a little ass teasing, gently planting hot wet kisses all over your sexy self,

working all your beautiful sensitive hot spots as you allow the pleasure to take you away, you feel all the wonderful pulsing and static tingling surging through your body continuously, as i work my way kissing your inner thighs slow moving in closer to your lovely jade palace, soft licks outline and run up and down and along your soft pussy lips, circling your clit,

i gently suck and flick, spelling my magic word with my tongue until you get move wildly wanting to explode, you grab the back of my head pushing as your wet juicy pussy bursts with pleasure,

my fingers slip gently into your hot soft vagina,curling my fingers into the come hither motion stroking your g spot while i continue sucking and tasting you, again the intensity builds, lick it, suck it hard you moan, so I hold you steady for deeper longer suck, you shout out Im going to cum, I'm cumming"

Now positioning you on your back with your legs rested over my shoulders,I now grab my cock and begin stroking your pussy with its tip up and down, circular, you watch me intensely as I continue teasing, you say "I want you, I want you to fuck me hard, I want you to cum for me"

Those words drive me absolutely wild, I slowly inject my cock into your wet puffy pussy, I feel your inner muscles deep inside contracting and vibrating on my cock

As i perform deep thrusting; you lift your legs up toward your chest and arch your back, allowing the deepest penetration possible. I buck and ram, withdrawing almost completely, only to drive my cock into you again and again and again, forward, deep with rhythm, lifts, twists and hip movement, fast thrusting, faster and faster, loud and loader moans, hard pounding.

I'm getting so close to exploding that I don't realize that youre exploding, you roar with pleasure,
I keep on pounding and trusting harder and faster, im about to explode too, I try pulling out but you grab my ass,
I grant "cant hold it any longer", You say "cum for me babe, Id love to feel you throb inside me and finally, ahhhh!! so, so, so good WOW!

we lay for a while both breathless, listening to our hearts race, pounding in our chests. I look at you, wondering how perfect, how it all worked out, how we could be regular fuck buddies if we needed that,

I decide to slip two fingers into your pussy once more,slow gradual but very gentle, i lift shaking rocking your inner roof load with pleasure spot, up and down faster and harder causing your muscle to contract out of control, your whole body starts to spasm out of control before you explode like never before, squirting heaven, a full body ejaculation.

If you feeling naughty and ridiculously horny, contact me, we could be a definite match;)


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