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To live again.
United Kingdom
Strood, Kent
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I am a married man and a father of 2 teenage children who has lost his zest for life. My role until recently has been one of a devoted father and husband who not only does as he is told but never argues back. My wife believes that all men are to be controlled and push aside when they are not needed. As you can imagine my married life until now has been sheer hell but because of the love I have for my children I have never been able to find the strength to leave my wife. The extent of my suffering has been beyond more than most men would take but I have struggled to keep my faith in the vows of marrage that I took so many years ago. But I am only a man and my needs are not being met. I know that while this is a something I have never at anytime have I ever considered doing, example, joining a dating site. My friends believe that this will be just what I need to find someone who is also looking to reignite their desires too. While I do not have a picture up it is because of my current status I am a little concerned that my current partner will find out and because of this all photos are kept under lock and key. Nevertheless if I happen to find a lady that is interested I will happily email a photo. I am looking to meet a woman who is interested in showing me that their is more to life than what I have currently experienced. I am keen to meet people who are interested in taking things slowly and above all descreetly. What do I look like you might ask yourself?. Well I am about 5 foot 6 inches tall, with a slight podge around the midrift. I do have some tattoos that are tasteful and all of them are hidden under my clothing. I have medium length hair which is a mix of dark brown and grey. Well it happens to us all I suppose ;) I have deep dark brown eyes, a cute smile and a very good sense of humor. I love to laugh and joke but also know when its time to be serious and dedicated. My dress sense is causal, jeans, t-shirts and boots normally but I often like to dress smartly especially for my work. My current employment is as a senior systems developer for a small software company in Medway I design systems that help people with learning disorders. While my work is very important to me I love to have time to just relax and when I do I enjoy watching TV, reading books, cinema trips and cooking. So what are my sexual preferences.. Thats kind of a tough question really. I mean I have only every had one physical partner which is kind of strange in this day and age I know but like I said I thought that she was the one and only for me, guess life throws you all sorts of curve balls dont it?. While I have had only one partner it means that I am; in no way, some sort of prude or inexperienced partner. Whatever your thinking, I can promise you this ladies my tongue can do things that will make your toes curl ;) I enjoy delivering pleasure, I take my time, I never rush and above all else I like to ensure that my partner has been fully sated before me. Unfortunitly with my current situation that tends to lead to the usual comments of "What? I got what I wanted" or something equally unwanted and hurt felt. :( I know most people reading this will probebly be thinking "jesus what a complete walkover" or some such but understand I dedicated myself to this person whole heartedly and now I am paying the price. So back to what I am looking for. I'd love to meet a woman between the age of 35 and 60. Looks to me are totally unimportant simply because I find that what a person looks on the outside is nothing like they are on the inside and the goodness in someones heart far out wieghs their looks I'd love to find someone that is descreet and willing take the time to understand my position and to take the time to get to know the real me, the person I know I can be.. I live local to Strood but because of my situation I am only able to meet people locally to Strood IE within walking distance of Strood Train station. As the advice on this site says, Never to desecrate your own home.. As such I can not accomodate but if you can then wonderful. What do I want out of this, well thats simple, to one day meet someone that not only shows me that there are better things in life than being controlled and bossed about but also that they respect me as a human being as I would do them.

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