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General Info
Peachy Keen
United States
Los Alamitos
Looking For:

It seems like most of the profiles on here are practically the same, so here are some things I’m NOT:

1. A guy who will post pictures of myself with my shirt off in front of the mirror
2. Someone who pops their collar or wears their hat sideways/backwards
3. A guy who will send you a message that says something like, "Hey baby, we should hook up sometime."

Things I am:

Ambitious: I earned my BA a year ago and have been working at an outdoor education center since then. I plan to go back to school and get a Masters and become a college advisor/counselor.

Active: I love to exercise and be outdoors, whether it’s hiking, bike riding, running, rock climbing, soccer, baseball, you name it.

Funny: I have been a stand-up comedian for a few years now and really enjoy making people laugh and entertaining a crowd.

Caring: I think family and friends are really important, and I'm highly passionate about those relationships.

What I’m looking for:

Personality: I’m looking for someone with great energy who has more going for them than their great looks

Intelligence: I’m attracted to girls who can hold their own in a conversation and enjoy meaningful discussions

Goals: I think women who are driven are incredibly attractive

Connection: We have to have chemistry both emotionally and physically


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