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i need affection
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i will tell you what i like and dont like i am lonely i need a partner i am tired of being rejected cause i am disabled i am tired of being rejected because of income i have had 2 x wife's but i was miserable cause of no affection etc all my Xes thought about was the bedroom stuff and there is more to making love then that all i ever wanted was a honest loving passionate faithful lady in my life. i try to devote all my attention to the girl when i have one i am tired of girls saying ill marry you if you send me money or something i want real love i take all relationships seriously weather its friendship or whatever ive seen to many people hurt by liers and game players to want to joke. as long as i get affection in a relationship i am happy as well as being told i am loved i like a wide variety of foods i also like a variety of tv shows except for horror movies and soap operas I enjoy being outside, Movies, I am an easy going person mostly. i have a strong desire to please my partner when i can


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