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I may be a real bad boy... but baby I'm a real good man...
United States
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I'm a very relaxed person, not to be confused with a push over, which I'm not, I simply prefer less drama in my communication with people, and I  realize that drama is the first sign of insecurity... truely confident people have no need to be seen or heard more than it's already happening by nature.

When it comes to dating or personal relationships, I have no shame in my game. I see dating as one of the most shallow aspects of human interaction, and yes I believe looks probably matter more than anything else in bringing two people together, even though no one wants to admit that, I think we all accept that reality, and I embrace it personally.

I do not talk to fat girls... I know that may sound rude or  mean, but as I said I embrace the shallow  madness of it all, so yea... I am attracted to many different types of female, but NEVER a fat one, so please don't contact me at all if you're obviously fat. When I say fat I mean 20 plus over normal. Thick girls know when they look good, and I like them. You know what I mean.

Anyway I'm the type of person who can have fun doing almost nothing, with almost anyone. Anything else you ever hear about me is just a rumor do don't believe it :)


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