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Looking for guys between 18 - 45 years old that are seriously interested in having sex fun with my wife like once or twice or more each week. She loves threesomes and is hoping I can find alot of guys interested in having lots of sex with her. LOL, she wants the age limit to be like under 40, but if you are older than 40 and look younger without a mustache and beard or look younger than  your age, that's cool with me, she wont know the difference-We'll just tell her you are a younger age if she asks, lol.

She has long brown hair, big 44DD breasts, and she can be fully played with, and she also loves guys that eat her out and loves giving blow jobs and doing her best to drink all the cum as she is having sex and if she can't swallow the whole load you can cum all over her hair. 

No gay shit, just us enjoying her. And yes I don't mind watching if you want some rounds playing with her all to yourself.
Also after you come a few times and she's hooked on you coming, if you wanna bring a friend or more along we can get her into having all sorts of fun, ;-).

Please include your name, age, a current picture of your face (no penis pics) so I'm sure of your age, and let me know what all nights are good. Sunday night Monday night Tuesday night Wednesday night Thursday night around 11:30   

If you want faster response email me at dmvoid at yahoo and include a pic and your age so I'm sure of age and I can send you more pics of her. Practically everyone that emails me there with age and pic will get to play with her.

If I don't reply back to your emails it is only because I got too many people emailing and I lose track. Most people who reply never finish setting something up. So feel free to email more than once if I don't reply after a few days, so I can be sure those with more interest get more of a priority response. Almost everyone who wants to have a threesome with her will get to and as often as posible, so just be patient.


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