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United Kingdom
West Lon / Surrey / Mddx
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Cheesed off with female time wasters on here so a change of direction and am looking to meet a bloke who is up for receiving a thorough oral service only from another bloke. Ideally he will be on here for a female and either not getting anywhere fast or just needs more to curb his urges. That said I am DEFINATELY NOT looking for experienced gays, cross dressers or transsexuals. Being a bloke I have experienced the amazing pleasure we get from our lower regions when oral sex is performed well, its fact and everyone knows that if you want a decent blowjob then you have to ask a guy - so ask me!

Want to hear from you if you can relate to the following 

* You get off on stranger casual sex, discrete meets free from flirting, sweet talk and totally no strings. You want one thing to get your c0ck sucked

* Looking to kick back, take the hands behind head & legs slightly apart position & receive oral pleasure whilst watching/listening to your choice of porn 

* Will be little nervous & not over confident/experienced, want very little time wasting chat & no bright lights if night, just light coming off the screens 

* It will be a first without a female present as usually straight

Way to go would be to arrive here at my place; currently single and live alone so no worries about distractions etc. I personally prefer to be teased a little first before going inside the mouth so here is what I am looking to do.

I would get between your legs with my head at your waist height, you watch the porn I will man handle your package. When I start to feel the meat inside beginning to grow I will slowly start to undo your belt and unzip. Pressure on the zip as it lowered gives you the sense I am getting closer to your c0ck and your mind will start to get ahead of me and create horny arousal in you. I remove the jeans, socks and use my active tongue on the feet, ankles and legs as I drag it up the body to the leg of your pants and continue over the material and against the covered erect package. Then pull away the pants allowing your boner to go fully erect, with you fully naked I can now bring other parts of the body in on the action, parts of the male body that have erogenous & pleasure giving nerves e.g. its a brilliant sensation when a tongue is dragged from under the sack, over its surface and up the shaft, just touching the top of the c0ck head and japs eye, repeating this is guaranteed to make you close his eyes with pleasure. Also playing with his inner thighs with the tongue and letting the hair on my head brush the sack is another winner too. Then move onto the patient waiting c0ck. Rimming the helmet then slipping it between tight lips for a session. Fast, slow, long in deep sucks and a combination of wanking and sucking bring it close to cumming, taking it to the edge and holding it there, reverting to teasing other body parts as the pleasure of almost cumming subsides and doing it again then go all the way and have throat suck out the cum, 

If this appeals then get in touch with HI and go from there


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