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I'm a tall, white physically fit male: 6'2" 190lbs. I am also well educated, outgoing, and a great communicator. I'm also a pretty busy professional, as I work 9 hours a day and go to the gym nightly, but I am definitely always willing to work with people for a hookup ;). Mostly the point is I know how busy people can get and am willing to work with them on their schedule. In bed I can be both very aggressive with lots of moaning, biting and growling, but at other times very submissive, allowing the woman to take the lead, but it really depends on her. I really truly like it many ways, so I usually try to see what the woman likes first. I also really enjoy GIVING an orgasm before I allow myself to receive one :) As I mentioned earlier, I'm into the gym and enjoy weightlifting, cardio (including Yoga!). I work hard to stay in shape and I'm very passionate about it, so if you're the same I bet we will get along. Even if you're not, I'm a judgement free kinda guy, so no worries there.

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