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Hi there! My name is David or Dave personally i don't mind, I'm a guitarist and have been playing guitar self-taught coming up to (i should really know how long) 9 years i believe. I'm currently writing songs for me future band and we will start gigging hopefully at the start of the year. My other hobbies include cooking, bowling, the outdoors, and animals i.e horses which i know abit about...oh and I'm a sucker for cider too! :p i tend not to follow the crowd much as i like my own things, I'm no hipster by the way haha. I used to be quite a shy person but through time I've over come that. plus I'm quarter Irish/Italian and proud! I have also been told i look like rick Edwards, Ollie Murs and (dare i say it) Robert Pattinson...why not James Dean!? haha. So without bragging about myself I'd say im easy going, down to earth and an honest person, not much of a "lad" though but know how to enjoy myself. Well without it sounding too much like a C.V, that's pretty much me in a nutshell :)

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