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morgsE's Site My Perfect Guy List My Perfect Guy List The Perfect Guy List The perfect guy... in my eyes anyways! In no specific order... 1) Good Personality 2)Funny 3) Sweet 4) Caring 5) Open Minded 6) Political Views 7) Well Spoken 8) Someone that I can be myself with 9) Great Hair (i.e. skater/bmxer/soccer player/surfer) 10) Nice Abs 11) Grabable Butt 12) Nice Smile 13) Kissable Lips 14) Deep Eyes 15) Thoughtful 16) Not Cocky 17) Confident 18) Someone that I can easily talk to 19) Athletic 20) Muscular 21) Not too tall (i.e. 6'2" or over) 22) Friendly

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