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I enjoy waking up every morning to the sound of Bon Jovi, start the Folgers, workout in the living room, sing in the shower, eat my wheaties and go off to work. In the car ride to work, I'll either listen to B105 or ESPN radio, while I ponder about the day (Chipotle or Chinese?). Now, when I get home I like to take the time and just relax. Watch some Shark Tank, Office, Reds game or History Channel. But, definitley not opposed to hitting up the local bar for a happy hour. And now onto the weekend, the possibilities are endless: Golf, basketball, Bengals game, bar, Sunday fun day, comedy club, fish, boat, swim, roadtrip, keno, pool, darts, bowling, and maybe go to the airport and go on a random flight. I'll leave the rest of the story to be continued........

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